How to update Divi Theme in WordPress

How to update Divi Theme in WordPress

If you are looking for how to update Divi theme in WordPress, this guide is the good place for you to go. Elegant Themes Divi can be updated through the WordPress update system. When new versions of Divi WordPress become available, revise notifications shall appear in the Dashboard > Updates web page of your WordPress Dashboard, as well as within the Themes & Plugins supervisor.

If you are facing issues after update Divi theme, you may need help from Divi Support Center to resolve.

Update Divi Theme in WordPress Dashboard
How to update Divi Theme in WordPress Dashboard
How to update Divi Theme in WordPress Apperance
How to update Divi Theme in WordPress Apperance

It’s important to continue to keep your styles and plugins updated to ensure compatibility with the latest version of WordPress, to keep the website secure, and also to take benefit of the latest and best features! For Divi theme, update to latest version will ensure to get all features. Especially, the powerful Divi Page Builder which allow you to drag and drop elements to your webpage.

Before you update Divi theme in WordPress, you must first authenticate your Elegant Themes membership by inputting your Username and API Key in to the Updates tabs of your theme or plugin configurations. Only users with energetic Elegant Themes accounts get access to the latest variations of our products. Your Username is the username you utilize when logging directly into, as well as your API Key are available by logging into the Elegant Themes account and simply clicking the Accounts > Your API Key hyperlink. Once you’ve authenticated your accounts, you can click on the update link by you notification to automatically update your theme or plugin.

Steps for how to update Divi Theme in WordPress:

  1. Login to Elegant Themes members area
  2. Access to your API keys Account > Your API Key 
  3. Copy your API key
  4. Login your website’s WordPress admin page
  5. On the left hand side, click on Divi > Theme Options link.
  6. On the Divi Theme Options, click on Updates tab
  7. Type your Elegant Themes member for username
  8. Type your API key which you got in step 3
  9. Click save to finish authorization for your account
  10. On the left hand side, click on Dashboard > Updates tab
  11. Update your Divi theme
Elegant Themes member area
Elegant Themes member area
How to get Elegant Themes API key
How to get Elegant Themes API key
Divi Theme Options
Divi Theme Options
Divi Theme Updates
Divi Theme Updates

Modules and images not loading after updating

Most web hosts involve some type of caching enabled & most websites will be utilizing a variety of tools to assist with this as well, as I mentioned previously. But, did you know some ISP serve cached documents also? You are able to clear cache in many ways on your desktop browsers.
If you use incognito mode for browser to check your site, you will see that the website performs as it will likely.
As you can plainly see, caching is a significant issue and really should never be ignored. As a final resort, you may want to turn off Static CSS and Minification on the contractor via Divi Options> Builder and save and then go to General tabs and scroll completely to underneath and switch off Minification for CSS and JS.

How to use Elegant Themes API key for many clients

If you are using Divi WordPress Theme for many clients, you should generate new API key for each customer. It will be helpful when your relationship with your client end, you just deactivate the API key which is used for that client.

After all, Divi theme is the most popular theme in Elegant Themes. Beside that, Elegant Themes published many powerful themes and plugins for your WordPress site. Keep them all at latest version to optimise the performance.

Video guide How to update Divi Theme in WordPress

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