GeoPlaces WordPress Theme

GeoPlaces WordPress Theme

GeoPlaces WordPress Theme by Templatic is a professional WordPress theme for event, blog and directory websites. Want to make a populous city listing on your own? Here’s the Directory site WordPress theme that enables you to do so. With a logical and modern design, here’s the WordPress theme to keep it simple yet extensive. This theme is perfect for developing a feature-packed city index, with the listings located in an individual city or multiple cities even. The geolocations centered theme with custom areas support and inbuilt post types like Places and Occasions, make it easy that you should create directories by yourself. The dashboard options are well-organized to make your site more workable.

This WordPress directory theme is perfect for creating business directories with front end submission, built-in Monetization, Custom Fields, Google Maps support which is a few of the awesome top features of this WordPress directory theme just. It is versatile since it can be utilized for an individual city or multiple towns, simple location-based listings, or event entries, to create a little local listing or create an attribute packed multipurpose index in minutes.

Easy to Install

Install the WordPress Directory site theme and the set up wizard will help you to create your website easily. This wizard will show you and prepare and set up the mandatory elements automatically, and populate your site with test data even. All this with a few clicks and in the end just, you shall have a website looking the same as the theme demonstration.

City and Multicity support

The beauty of the template is based on its flexibility. You can create a single city portal with listings limited to the populous city itself. While you can create a multi-city website where an user can choose the populous city he’s interested in. Utilize the Geoplaces index WordPress theme to make a simple, local directory website, or a big, commercial multi-city website directory. Or start small and expand as you go.


GeoPlaces WordPress Theme Elegantly Responsive

Create a directory site that appears great on any device it is viewed on with this Responsive Directory site Theme. Moreover, the Geoplaces theme is mobile friendly also. So when the site visitors are browsing your city directory site through their telephone, they shall love the knowledge.


Geoplaces theme Location based listings

Based on the positioning, each listing shall have its map. The map on the list page facilitates full-screen view, road view and navigational service to help your users find the appropriate and easiest path to the location.

Places and Events listings

This listing directory theme for WordPress includes two different kinds of post types: Places and Events. Places is good to use for Occasions and locations can be utilized for different types of event listings. Besides, the options are to produce custom fields, and that means you can make your entries more meaningful. The custom areas can be therefore applied to a category and, having different kinds of list for an individual post type can be done.


Geoplaces theme Customizable form

Permit the visitors of your website to post their business listings on your site by allowing front end submissions. Therefore, the Geoplaces City directory site theme comes with an all set listing distribution form. However, if you would like to improve certain areas of your entries, or then add new, you can create and manage custom fields from the dashboard options easily. You can create an assign and field it to a particular post type, or create a worldwide field that does apply to all or any the post types.

Add and manage Event listings

Screen event listings for the occasions occurring in the populous city. Actually, the Events list shall complete your city directory site. Create different deals for events and invite front side end event distribution with the GeoPlaces Directory site theme.

Geoplaces theme Unlimited colors

Changing the appearance and the feel of your website there are abundant customization options. Besides you can pick any color for different parts of your site with this continuing business directory site theme. With regard to keeping the uniformity of color techniques of your website, the colour options are in group.

Geoplaces theme Easy to customize

Personalize and change your city directory site website according to your requirements. The homepage is completely widgetized and you may add a new widget or rearrange the existing ones easily. This widget-based design reduces difficulty in customization. Also, you can simply manage the other parts of your website with the live customization options.


Geoplaces theme Display listings on maps

Maps are ready on the homepage, category web page, and detail list page. Google Maps makes your website super easy to navigate. All of the entries will be available on the map and simply clicking the map icon will need an user right to the listing fine detail web page of the particular listing.


Create Coupons and Discounts

Coupons are a great way to encourage businesses to produce a submission on your city listing. Create discount coupon and offers codes with the built-in coupons module in the GeoPlaces theme. Creating coupons is very easy to establish the true name for the discount, set the percentage of discount, kind of discount, etc. Coupons are a terrific way to encourage businesses to produce a distribution on your city index.

SEO friendly WordPress Directory Theme

This populous city directory WP theme is coded with search engine marketing in mind. The popular SEO plugins such as Yoast SEO Install, All In One SEO, Google XML Sitemaps and everything IN A SINGLE High Snippets absolutely help optimize your listing website. So with this SEO friendly city index theme, you can make sure that your specific list performs well and turns up when the relevant keywords are joined.

Create your own pricing packages

Create your own pricing packages with your WordPress directory theme. Geoplaces WordPress theme gives you to produce different prices deals to represent all the gives you want to show on your site. You are able to specify a name for the package, the price tag on the bundle, it’s validity in times, the amount of entries allowed under the package and few other interesting details to customize your pricing package. Creating a prices package is simple. For free prices submissions, you can create a bundle with bundle price no.

Geoplaces Paid Listing Submission

Your city directory is likely to be a way to obtain information for your neighborhood region. Local businesses will like to advertise their business through your city portal surely. Allow paid list submissions through your website. This feature is the primary of your web directory. You receives a commission as well as your website gets additional content by means of a fresh business listing.

Paid listings Claims

You can begin your directory by adding a few interesting business listings with basic details. You are able to do this with the addition of the listing as an admin through the backend. However, when the outlined business discovers their entries on your web directory, they may want to possess it to make it more extensive, add additional information so that they are helped by the list. So allow continuing business proprietor state them, by submitting a state by paying a set price. You can transfer the ownership after verifying the claim easily.

Geoplaces theme Featured listings

Charge more for having a business listing on your website. The featured list gets more attention and is most effective for the continuing businesses looking for maximum publicity.

Geoplaces theme Advertisement ready

The widget-based design allows you to change advertisement almost on your page anywhere. You can screen sponsored advertisements through HTML, video or image based advertisement banners. Or you may use Google AdSense to show advertisements on your directory site website.

Geoplaces theme Documentation and Support

Creating your site by yourself? Don’t worry, we’ve your back. With this populous city Directory site theme, you access the theme guide. This paperwork has the detail by detail guidance about how you can set up your website and customize it using the backend options. For even more questions, you can write us at [email protected] and our support technicians shall make sure that your questions are answered at the earliest opportunity.

Geoplaces Payment & Transaction Management

To aid online transactions, the GeoPlaces WordPress theme helps different payment methods like Paypal,, Worldpay, 2CO (2Checkout), Pre Lender Transfer as well as Pay Cash On Introduction for offline obligations. Repeating PayPal payments will help you earn more through the subscriptions Also even, managing transaction is manufactured easy by the user-friendly purchase management section. You are unable to view transaction reviews but also export these to just .csv with the inbuilt options effortlessly.

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  1. This is the ultimate city directory WordPress theme to make online directory instantly. GeoPlaces comes with all the necessary tools required to run a modern and powerful directory website built-in. The theme is ideal for places and event directories and comes with  Built-in Monetization ,  Custom Fields  and  Google Maps  support which are just some of the features available in this advanced directory theme.


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