Divi Support Center

Divi Support Center

If you are having issues with Divi WordPress Theme by Elegant Themes, we will show you how to use Divi Support Center to resolve them. If you are a developer, you will like the guide to access debug log which will help you to detect the root cause quickly.

It’s difficult when working with a person foundation of over 500K individuals who ask us thousands of questions each day. Behind the moments, we’ve been working to boost our support system and the real way we interact with customers. At level, every little improvement we make can will go quite a distance, and frequently times it’s the tiny things that cause the most disappointment.

Divi Support Center is a fresh support area within Divi which allows customers to user interface with this support system more straight and provides our support team the various tools they have to quickly reach the center of any issue. When everything collectively comes, it’s an excellent thing

System Status

Inside the Divi Support Center, the very first thing you will observe is the operational system Status section. System Status provides you an instant summary of your server construction and figures, and will inform you if there are any presssing conditions that may cause compatibility issues with Divi. If all the lamps are green, you are all set. If something is red, you should treat it probably, especial after you update features of Divi or pluglins. If something is yellowish, you may consider making modifications to boost your system. Configuring your hosting environment will solve the most typical problems that Divi users face correctly, and which means the System Status area helps you to save tons of backwards and forwards between you and our support team. It’s the first rung on the ladder to a wholesome Divi website always.

Divi Support System Status

Divi Support Remote Access

People are really happy about Remote Access because it allows our support team to offer a seamless and higher level of support that is actually unmatched. If you want extra help, the Remote can be enabled by you Access toggle with a single click. This will send a secure token to the Elegant Themes support personnel they can use to log in to your WordPress Dashboard. No passwords to send out and you don’t have to send the token to your team yourself. Everything works in the backdrop seamlessly. While remote access is ready, we can get on your website and help explore whatever problems you are experiencing. You can also allow it preemptively before communicating with our support team so that people can leap right in if required.

Divi Support Remote Access

By default, our support staff shall have limited access to your website utilizing a custom WordPress support role. You can enable full admin access if requested also. Remote gain access to is disabled after 4 days, or when you disable Divi. You can turn it off by hand after a concern has been solved also, and undoubtedly, Remote Access can only just be enabled by you, the web site owner, rather than by Elegant Themes else.

The Remote Access system is wonderful since it saves a great deal of time during support talk, and you save time by it the hassle of experiencing to debug certain complicated issues yourself. It we can take a tactile hands on method of solving problems quickly, rather than losing hours or times forth chatting back and.

Divi Support Safe Mode

Another feature of the Divi Support is Safe Setting. The majority of problems that individuals experience when using Divi are compatibility related, which is natural taking into consideration the open up source WordPress ecosystem. There might be a problem with your child theme Sometimes, third party plugins or custom code. Typically, the only way to figure out what was causing the nagging problem was to disable your child theme, all of your plugins as well as your custom code simultaneously. However, this required time and may cause disruption to your visitors. Site owners were unwilling to consider this step often, which managed to get impossible to determine the actual nagging problem was. Safe Mode solves this presssing concern.

When you enable Safe Mode, all your alternative party plugins, your son or daughter theme and everything custom scripts are disabled temporarily. But, they are just unavailable for you! This implies you or our support staff can allow Safe Mode for his or her current program with an individual click, and without leading to any noticeable change to your visitor’s experience. While in Safe Setting, you can explore your website and the Divi Contractor to find out if you’ll still experience problems. If the nagging problems fixed, then you understand that these were because of an alternative party compatibility issue. Once this is verified, we can move to the next thing and make an effort to fix it.

Safe Mode coupled with Remote control Access is an excellent thing. With two clicks you makes it possible for our support personnel to sign in and move on to underneath of problems without inside your real website or disrupting these potential customers.

Documentation & Help Videos

The Divi Support also contains a Paperwork section which includes some videos that may help you get started with Divi, as well as quick links for some of our most popular documents articles. For new users, this is a superb place to start with Divi. Many questions our support team gets asked can be clarified with a web link to our records page.

Debug Log

Finally, the Debug will help us with Log section, gives you and our support team quick access to all or any of the errors and warnings which have been occurring on your website. This may offer you and we insight into what the reason for any particular issue may be.

To access to debug log, you have to enable WP_DEBUG_LOG. After that, the errors will be archived in a log file. For your convenience, Elegant Themes aggregated the contents of this log file so that you and support team access it easily.

Previously, we have needed to demand this given information, which caused unneeded back and during support chat forth. Customers were unaware where to find their debug logs often, which means additional time was wasted contacting their host for assistance even. The Debug Log is super convenient and saves a complete lot of time.

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