Divi Feature Update Column Options

Divi Feature Update Column Options

Elegant Themes released the new Divi feature update for column options and improved column editing interface for the Visible Page Builder in Jun 2019. This improvements brings a great deal of new design options to columns and separates each column on your web page into its unique builder component, providing you more control over the position and design of every. Make sure you update the latest version to get these new features.

If you would like to practice by yourself on this Builder, check out the live demo at the end of this post for more experiences.

The improved interface makes it simpler to add also, delete and move columns on the page. It’s an extremely great upgrade that opens up new design options and makes your present web page building experience even easier.

What new in this Divi feature update?

In the last version of Divi, column options were sparse and hidden within row configurations somewhat. With this upgrade, columns are receiving their own settings popup filled up with the full selection of design options you’ll expect. Animations, Background, Transforms, Padding, Border, Box Shadow, Links, Filters and more.There are dozens of new design settings and each column can be controlled by you individually.

Now you can add easily, rearrange and delete columns on the web page. You can transform column constructions on the travel and drag whole columns filled with modules to new locations. You can simply add new columns between any two existing columns also.

Update in Columns and Rows

Columns are child components of rows now, therefore you can truly add, delete, copy and rearrange, paste and extend styles like everyone else would a tabs within a tabs module or a slip within a slider component. You can control column constructions within row options also. The capability to move columns around is such a welcomed addition, especially set alongside the previous connection with needing to move modules in one column to some other after changing your row framework.

New UI elements in Page Builder

The update also brings new UI elements to the Visual Page Builder that enable you to easily add new columns to any row and also to any position within the row. Just click on the new plus button between two columns to include a fresh column for the reason that location. When you add new columns, your current row structure will change itself and all modules will stay in their previous location automatically.

You can even drag and drop modules between two columns to automatically create a fresh column for the reason that location and drop the module within it. What used to require several clicks can be accomplished with an individual move of your mouse now! It’s very convenient and simple to use.

Columns are such a simple part of any web page, and they are getting the interest they deserve now. These new options and interface help create an more powerful page building foundation for each Divi user even. Today The brand new column options can be found, so download Divi and take them for a spin. Tell us what you think in the comments and don’t neglect to check back again in a few days for even more great Divi feature arriving your way.

If you have any issues after updating Divi theme, you can check out how to use Divi Support Center to resolve issues.

It’s better to try by yourself to understand more how this Visual Page Builder works. Check out this live demo for

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